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Effective, transparent pharmacy benefit management.

Rightway's aligned PBM and concierge member support drive every prescription to its true lowest net cost, reducing employer spend by an average of 18%.

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The standard PBM model makes drug spend go up. Our model drives it down.

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Save 15% on pharmacy costs.

Our model is aligned and our savings are guaranteed, so our goal is to drive every prescription to a true lowest net cost.

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The only PBM with care navigation.

Members receive high-touch support from our pharmacy team whenever they need help. Clinical pharmacists drive members to high-value drugs.

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Transparency means more at Rightway.

Rightway is a pass-through PBM with a single admin fee. Our audit-level reporting lets you trace every transaction.


Pioneer a better path for your team and your bottom line.

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One place to go for all pharmacy needs.

Members use our intuitive app to connect with their care team, view their prescriptions, access their ID card, and much more. If they prefer, members can connect with their care team by phone.

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Transparent pricing with nothing to hide.

Rightway does not retain any rebates or practice spread pricing, leading to lower unit costs on medication. Our transparent pricing model passes back maximum savings to clients and members.

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Expert clinical guidance provides support.

Pharmacists proactively guide members towards high-value medications, ensuring they are on the most effective medication at the lowest price.

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A flexible PBM model guaranteed to meet your needs.

Customizable plan design includes formulary, clinical programs, and partnership selection. A tailored engagement strategy minimizes member disruption.

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Spend less managing pharmacy benefits. Get more.

Rightway is a member-centric PBM that maximizes healthcare value through a transparent business model. It improves outcomes without disrupting how physicians, pharmacists, or consumers navigate pharmacy benefits.

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Delivering unprecedented results

“Rightway has delivered on their promise 100%. I’ve been doing this for 18 years and I’ve never had such good results from anyone in the health industry.”

Vice President of Benefits, Property Management Group

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